Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a fleet tracking management system?

  • Helps reduce fuel consumption.

  • Provides accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA).

  • Monitors vehicle diagnostics and maintenance needs.

  • Allows real-time tracking of mobile drivers and equipment.

  • Automatically locks when used outside designated areas.

  • Reduce fuel usage and costs


Which types of fleets are suitable for tracking management solutions?

Truck fleets, bus fleets, refrigerated truck fleets, dump truck fleets, excavator fleets, school bus fleets, taxi fleets, fire truck fleets, ambulance fleets, sanitation truck fleets, ride-sharing fleets, etc.

What is fleet tracking management?

Fleet tracking management is a GPS/BDS-based system that allows for the tracking and video monitoring of vehicle activity. It is typically used by various fleet companies, such as trucking, bus, and school bus fleets.

With fleet tracking, you can locate the current position of each vehicle in real-time, monitor driver and vehicle status, and remotely view the inside of vehicles, making it easier for fleet managers to manage their operations. The system also provides useful information on recent fuel consumption, mileage, driver records, and other data that can be accessed through a centralized back-end system.

Do you offer fleet management software or fleet GPS tracking devices?

We are a manufacturer of onboard monitoring devices, providing products such as GPS positioning, Dash Cam, Mobile DVR, onboard cameras, ADAS/BSM, and fleet tracking software systems. Our fleet tracking management system needs to be used in conjunction with our hardware to enhance the safety of your fleet management. Additionally, we offer customized functionality services to meet your specific management requirements. Feel free to share your management needs with us.

What if my GPS fleet tracking needs change?

Our devices and software backend support customization upgrades to meet your specific management requirements. We welcome you to share your management needs with us.

How much does the GPS fleet tracking management system cost?

The cost of a GPS fleet tracking management system involves both hardware and software expenses. The hardware includes GPS trackers, onboard cameras, Dash Cams, Mobile DVRs, and other related devices. The software includes customization features and GPS positioning fees. For instance, the cost of a Dash Cam is usually around $230 USD. If you only need a GPS tracker, it can be even cheaper, typically costing just a few tens of dollars.

Will fleet management software help me comply with ELD?

Yes, fleet management software helps fleets stay compliant by digitally logging items, such as hours of service, in compliance with the electronic logging device mandate

How are vehicle maintenance needs tracked?

Yes, you can use fleet management software to track the cost of maintenance across your fleet. Measuring items, such as repair turnover rate, can help you stick to your preventative maintenance schedule and prevent unexpected downtime. It can also help you identify the optimum window for vehicle maintenance and replacement as well. 

What countries is the Yuwei fleet tracking management system supported in?

European Union, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc.